Dental Services

El Rio patients have access to the full scope of high-quality services. 



Family Dentistry

El Rio offers dental services to meet the diverse needs of you and your entire family. We offer a full range of general dental care, including: preventive, restorative, simple oral surgery, crowns, bridges and complex periodontal (gum disease) care.To make an appointment, please call (520) 670-3909.


El Rio operates the largest non-profit dental clinic in the State of Arizona, with more than 40,000 treatment visits per year. According to the Arizona Department of Oral Health, 36% of children, 44% of adults and 67% of seniors in our state have no dental coverage.

Insurance or No Insurance, we will take care of you.


Free Oral Health Assessments and Fluoride Treatments for Children

El Rio’s Fluoride Varnish Program works to significantly reduce the incidence of early childhood cavities in children. Children are given a free oral health assessment and fluoride varnish treatment by a dental hygienist while they wait for their pediatric appointment. El Rio educates families on the importance of oral health and encourages families to establish care at El Rio’s dental department.


Emergency Dental Care

Same Day Emergency dental care service is available. These services are available to patients of all ages with insurance or on a sliding fee scale. We recommend that patients arrive at the dental clinic as soon as it opens if they wish to be seen the same day.  We offer a reduced payment program for self-pay patients, based on household income.  Payment options will be discussed when you register prior to your appointment.

Affordable Options

El Rio is committed to the overall health of our patients and works to ensure that they have accessible and affordable options regarding oral health care. The need for dental care for low-income adults has become even more critical since AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System), the state’s Medicaid agency, eliminated all emergency dental services – leaving patients to suffer with unnecessary tooth pain. El Rio’s Dental Partnership Program offers financial assistance for emergency extractions and fillings to qualified patients.

Family Dentistry Locations

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