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We will help you every step of the way. From assisting you in obtaining health coverage to getting approval for sliding scale fees, from registration as a new patient to setting up your first appointments. We look forward to welcoming you as our patient.

We Accept Most Major Insurances

We Accept: Most Major Insurances, ALL Pima County AHCCCS Plans, and Medicare.  If you have health insurance, please call (520) 670-3909 to register and schedule your first appointment. Bring your health insurance card and a picture ID to your appointment. Registration is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 3:45pm, except, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, when registration opens at 9:00 am.  El Rio assists patients in screening eligibility for a variety of medical coverage options or discount programs listed below.


Pima Community Access Program

Qualified participants pay an enrollment fee of $40 twice a year to participate. Beyond the enrollment fee, participants pay only when they use services. Most primary care is provided on a discounted sliding fee scale. A specialist consultation is $30. Specialty treatment costs 35-50% of what Medicare would pay for that treatment. If a member needs to be admitted to a hospital, it costs $500 a day for medical/surgical care and $700 for intensive care, with a maximum of $2000 for any hospital stay. Prior authorizations are not required, and there are no insurance forms to fill out or insurance plan requirements to meet. For additional information about PCAP, please visit their website at: or you can call them at (520) 694-0418.


Health-e-Arizona is a web-based enrollment application for public insurance and community discount health care programs. It was developed by El Rio Community Health Center through a unique public/private partnership involving AHCCCS, Arizona Department of Economic Security, the Community Health Centers Collaborative Ventures, and Deloitte Consulting. Health-e-Arizona is designed to quickly and easily determine eligibility for benefits, improve coordination of care, and reduce duplication of services. To learn more about Health-e-Arizona, visit their website at: is a web-based enrollment US government healthcare exchange created under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Sliding Fee Scale

For patients who do not qualify for health care coverage, we offer health care on a sliding fee basis.

Registration is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 3:45pm, except on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, when registration opens at 9:00 am. If you have additional questions, please call (520) 670-3909. To apply for one of these health care options, please bring the following documents for all family members.


1. Your Current Address –utility bill (electric, gas, water) or lease agreement in your or your spouse’s name.

If you live with someone else and your name is not on the lease or utility bills, you will need to bring the following four items:

  • The most recent utility bill from the place where you live.
  • A recent bill that you received at your address. Personal letters or medical bills are not accepted.
  • A  letter from the person whose name appears on the utility bill saying you live at that address.
  • A letter from a friend or neighbor who is not related to you stating your name, family members and address where you live.


2. Your Household Income – documents for all household members depending on how you get paid:

  • Paychecks – all check stubs for last month and the current month.
  • Cash or Self-employed – A letter from your employer stating how long you have been employed, how often you are paid, and the amount you are paid each payday.
  • Business Owner – A letter of your profit and loss for last month and the current month with each month kept separate. Bring receipts for listed expenses.
  • Benefits – All of these that apply: most recent Social Security or Retirement Pension award letter, unemployment check stub, TANF statement, or Child Support statement.


3. Your Identity– Driver’s license, State ID, military ID, or foreign passport. Minors can provide a photo school ID, recent report card or current immunization records.



4. Your Social Security Card for all family members.



5. Your Birth Certificate including foreign, US Passport, Certificate of Naturalization or Permanent Resident Card (mica), bring original document if available.



6. Pregnancy – If you are pregnant and have already seen a doctor, bring proof of pregnancy.

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