Transgender Medicine

El Rio provides affirming, respectful, high-quality healthcare to the Tucson Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities.


We are dedicated to provide trans-affirming, patient centered care.

Primary Care Family Medicine – providing primary care (including preventative, chronic and acute services), gender-confirming hormone therapy and referral to specialists.

Congress Health Center – Dr. Gabi Ochoa, Dr. Jessica Hensel, Emily Johnson, FNP, Dr. Jennifer Johnston

El Pueblo Health Center – Dr. Melissa Brosanders, Dr. Daryll Brosanders

Cherrybell Health Center – Marketa Jansky, FNP, Dr. Claudia A. Patino, Dr. Joy Mockbee

HealthOn Broadway Health Center – Shannon Fennie, FNP, Jennifer Eldred, FNP

HealthOn University Health Center – Maryelizabeth Hunter, FNP, Cheryl Webb, FNP

Southeast Health Center – Dr. Christine Pham, Aliza Kreisman, FNP, Jenny Ajl, FNP

Grant Health Center – Dr. Jamie Weinand

Northwest Health Center – Annie Peng, DO

Primary Care Adolescent and Pediatric Medicine – providing primary care (including preventative, chronic and acute care services), gender-confirming hormone therapy, puberty blockers, discussions about gender identity and referrals to specialists.

Northwest Health Center – Dr. Tracey Kurtzman

Congress Health Center – Dr. Colette Oesterle

El Pueblo Health Center – Dr. Andrew Terranella

Grant Health Center – Dr. Jamie Weinand

Sexual & Reproductive Health Services – providing care for everyone in need of sexual and reproductive health services, including routine cervical cancer screening, atypical bleeding, PCOS, pelvic pain and pre-conception/fertility counseling. (Note: we do not provide primary care or gender confirming therapy through these providers).

Midwives (multiple locations) – Sandra Macon, CNM, Shelley McGrew, CNM, Monica Kainz, CNM, Lodz Joseph-Lemon, CNM

Behavioral Health Services – Assistance with challenges managing chronic illness, barriers to making health changes, stress factors that impact physical health. We also assist with referrals to community resources.

Congress Health Center – Dr. Sandra Combs

El Pueblo Health Center – Kelli Trueba, LPC

Cherrybell Health Center – Dr. Rogelio Samorano, Dr. Christina Arredondo

Physical Therapy Services – For patients needing assistance with musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, conditioning, and post-op orthopedic care.

Southeast Health Center – Krystal Nakata, PT, DPT, OCS, Adrienne Parry, PT, DPT, Jonny Sue Perkins-Snyder, PT, OCS, Alysson Striner, PT, DPT,




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