Below is a current listing of El Rio Health’s RFPs.

RFPs – Finance Department

RFP 10.09.18 Accounting and Purchasing software

Frequently asked questions regarding the Accounting and Purchasing Software:
1) Is the entire RFP the 6 page document on our website or is there a secondary document/spreadsheet that has a list of more detailed questions? A: The answer is the first part of your question, the entire RFP is the 6 page document on our website.

2) How many users El Rio would have touching the system? A: Currently we have about 25 finance users and 5 purchasing users. We would probably like to have about 100 users for managers/department heads that would be using the system for their financials, automated requisitions. Total 130 users.

RFPs – Facilities Department

RFP 8.31.18 Medical Equipment Cherrybell Center

RFP 9.07.18 Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Boxed Goods Moving Contractor Services - SIA Campus

RFP 9.10.18 Furniture Cherrybell Center

RFPs – Information Technology Department