Why Give – Your Gift Matters!

You Make a Difference When You Give the Gift of Health

Thanks to your support, El Rio Health provides life-changing care to more than 113,000 people!

Why give to El Rio?

  • Help a person in need of healthcare and make a direct impact.
  • Reduce dollar-for-dollar what you pay in Arizona income tax.
  • Benefit the entire community – keep your tax dollars local!
  • Your investment changes lives!
  • El Rio Foundation’s Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Number is 20212. Use form 321 when filing.
  • Tax ID number is 86-0816675

El Rio Health Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment

You can help. You can give AND receive…

If you donate to a qualifying charitable organization in Arizona, you can claim a tax credit that reduces dollar for dollar what you pay in state income tax. El Rio Health Center Foundation qualifies and our tax id number is 86-0816675.

Couples who file jointly in Arizona can reduce their state taxes by up to $800; individuals or head of household filers can claim a tax credit of up to $400; these limits increased in 2016. To learn more about El Rio, take a tour, attend an upcoming educational lecture, donate or make a legacy commitment, please call 520-205-4947520-205-4947 or email us at foundation@elrio.org.

Whether it is a gift of money, stock, life insurance or a gift of time and talent, we are very grateful for the caring support of our donors and volunteers. You help people live healthier lives, relieve children and adults from dental pain, help people manage asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, improve mental health and encourage family wellness. You help children get immunized and learn how to read and see better. Your contributions change lives everyday! Thank you.