Exercise Classes

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One of our goals as a Community Health Center is to ensure our patients are able to live healthier and therefore happier lives. We strongly believe that care should extend far beyond the visitation rooms.

Our Wellness program offers a number of courses to keep your body active and healthy.


Strengthen, tone, & stretch with ballet, yoga, and Pilates inspired movements.

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Better Backs

Manage pain and improve function by increasing core strength and flexibility.

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Better Balance

Balance drills, posture work, and focused strength work from the FallProof! curriculum.

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Exercise Rx 1

Exercise using a chair for support. Build functional strength for upper and lower body. Beginner level class.

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Exercise Rx 2

Strength and cardio exercise for starting or returning exercisers. Beginner to intermediate level class.

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Exercise Rx 3

Exercise with bodyweight, resistance bands and free weights, mixed with short bursts of aerobic activity. Intermediate to advanced level class.

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Flex Fit

Reduce muscle tension and increase mobility using different methods of stretching.

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Matter of Balance

Manage concerns about falls.

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Pima Personal Exercise Program (PEP)

The Pima Personal Exercise Program (PEP) is a personalized program that follows an exercise format that includes cardiovascular and resistance training.  Learn how to safely and effectively use a variety of equipment to enhance your health and fitness. The classes are held at Pima Community College.

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Tai Chi

Reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve balance.

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Dance your way to fitness.

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Zumba Gold

For Lower-Intensity Fun.

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