Nutrition Counseling

How can a Registered Dietitian (RD) help you?

RD’s help patients understand how their nutrition and lifestyle can improve their health. We not only look at what you eat, but your relationship and access to food, how much and what kind of activity you get, stressors, sleep habits and other selfcare behaviors. Our goal is to help you see what’s in your control and create a plan to improve your health.

We can help with the following conditions and more:

  • Digestive health
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Menopause
  • Inflammation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pain Management
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid issues

What can you expect at an RD appointment?

First appointment:

  • Before your appointment, we’ll look at your medical chart for recent labs, diagnoses, and medical treatment plan.
  • Assessment—We’ll ask you about your health history, what you normally eat, food allergies, digestive health, sleep pattern, exercise/activity level, stress level, and much more
  • Discuss your health and nutrition goals
  • Create a plan together!

Follow-up appointments (optional):

  • It is up to you how often you’d like to see your RD

Topics covered at follow up appointments may include:

  • Health Education
  • Meal planning
  • Recipes
  • Exercise/activity
  • Accountability
  • Sleep habits
  • Stress management
  • Hunger management coaching

Stacy’s clinic days:

  • Tuesday—Congress Health Center
  • Wednesday—Cherrybell Health Center
  • Thursday—Southeast Health Center
  • Fridays—Northwest Health Center
  • Saturday—Congress Health Center

Holly’s clinic days

  • Monday —HealthOn Broadway Health Center
  • Thursday —Congress Health Center Pediatric Clinic

Leticia’s clinic days

  • Monday, Wednesday-Friday —Congress Health Center

How to book an appointment:

Step 1: Get a referral from your medical provider.
Step 2: Book an appointment before leaving the clinic with the front desk
or ask your doctor’s nurse (RN) or medical assistant (MA) to help you.


Call Patient Communications at (520) 670-3909.

Download our Registered Dietician PDF in English & Spanish.