Adult Wellness Classes

Healthcare starts now

One of our goals as a Community Health Center is to ensure our patients are able to live healthier and therefore happier lives. We strongly believe that care should extend far beyond the visitation rooms.

Our Adult Wellness Classes offers a number of courses to keep your body active and healthy.

Weight Management

Improve your health through weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes! The core Weight Management for Optimal Health program is 12 lifestyle management sessions, with six group medical visits, that include a lesson and an individual medical appointment with a provider and the other six sessions focusing on lifestyle components essential to losing weight and maintaining your weight loss. This team-based approach includes education, support for lifestyle changes, medical management, and medication if appropriate. These twelve session are followed by ongoing monthly follow-up visits. The program is most suitable for people with a BMI of 27 or higher. Usual copays or deductible costs apply to all six group medical visits but there is no charge for the six lifestyle class visits.

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Diabetes Empowerment

DEEP is a diabetes self-management program to help participants gain knowledge and skills to facilitate short-and long-term behavior change. The class is 6 weeks and covers different topics each week related to diabetes management.

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Heart Series

Ask a Cardiologist, enjoy heart healthy foods and recipes, check medications, manage stress with TAI CHI and Yoga. Socialize with a healthy pot-luck lunch weekly. This 12 week program focuses on stabilizing and reversing heart disease.

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Good Health, New Vitality

Ask a Provider, cook a healthy meal, exercise correctly, and learn to relax in 12 weeks!

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El Rio Health Community Choir

El Rio offers a therapeutic hour of music! Join with other members in the community in learning breathing techniques, how to read music and how to sing in a choir weekly. No prior experience needed! Call (520) 309-2084 to learn more!

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