Teen & Young Adult Services

Young people are powerful and capable. At El Rio, we know this and want to empower you to take control of your own health and make the best decisions for your life.

We offer a variety of teen and young adult-only services at El Rio Health Center locations across the city where specially trained staff and peer leaders can help you with your concerns.

Mission: Young people helping young people take control of their reproductive health

Meet the El Rio RHAP


Providing free and confidential reproductive health services to teens is always important to us, especially during these times. Please note that all reproductive health services are still free and confidential. Here’s a list of all the services you can still get through a telehealth visit:

Pregnancy Prevention Options

1. Short-term prescription for birth control pills (one month – will need to provide a blood pressure reading for additional months).

2. Initiation of depo (or the shot) or continuation of depo. Providers: if patient has received depo elsewhere and they are coming to us to initiate depo, we can initiate a one-time dose of depo without a pregnancy test. If a patient has never been on depo and you can verify they aren’t pregnant based on LMP and no hx of unprotected sex, okay to initiate one-time dose of depo.

3. Birth control counseling (all methods). If you want an IUD or arm implant, you will first need to make a telehealth appointment. If we can start you on a different method (pills or depo so we don’t have to send you to the clinic and risk getting sick, that is what we will do. If your need for an IUD is emergent, we will help you schedule an in-person appointment (decide what method you want so your in-clinic visit is quick and easy)

4. Reproductive health planning

5. Provision of Emergency Contraception (I.e. Plan B) – will need to pick up at El Rio Pharmacy

6. Provision of condoms (will need to pick up at El Rio PHarmacy)

7. Pregnancy testing

STIs, including HIV

1. STI counseling, testing and treatment (you’ll need to come to our lab for testing)

2. STI treatment for known exposures (I.e. your partner tested positive for a STI) – you’ll be provided medication through our El Rio Pharmacy

3. STI partner treatment (you tested positive and now your partner needs treatment)

4. Evaluation for and initiation of PrEp or pEP

Vaginal Health

Evaluation of vaginal discharge or odor (I.e Vaginitis)

Text our teen clinic phone at 520-310-7832 if you need help scheduling or have questions.

Free & Confidential Peer-led Walk-in Teen Clinics

What: Walk-in appointments for teens ages 14-20 (ages 21-24 at Congress, Northwest & El Pueblo) for no cost! Includes all methods of birth control, pregnancy testing, STI testing & treatment. FREE and confidential. Get comprehensive and accurate reproductive health information from your peers who are members of our Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP)

Who: Young people ages 14 to 20 (ages 21-24 at Congress, Northwest & El Pueblo) can attend. Bring your friends!


  • El Rio Cherrybell Health Center (1230 S. Cherrybell Stravenue)
  • El Rio Congress Peds (839 W. Congress)
  • El Rio Congress Health Center (CPC) (839 W. Congress)
  • El Rio Northwest Health Center (320 W. Prince Rd.)
  • El Rio El Pueblo Health Center (101 W. Irvington Building #10)
  • El Rio Southeast Health Center (6950 E. Golf Links)
  • HealthOn University (434 E. University Blvd #100)

When: Scroll down to the bottom of the page for up-to-date calendars with clinic dates, times and locations

Why: Get any method of birth control for free, get STI testing for free, free rides to and from and are led by young people just like you.

Weekly Teen Clinic (appointment preferred, walk-ins accepted if space permits)

Who: Teens ages 14-20


  • Every Tuesday, 2 p.m.- 6 p.m., El Rio Southeast Health Center (6950 E. Golf Links Rd.)
  • Every Thursday, 1 p.m.-5 p.m., EL Rio Congress Peds (839 W. Congress)
  • Rotating Mondays, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., El Rio Pascua Health Center (7490 E. Camino De Oeste)

Why: Free, convenient, confidential, teen only

AZ Shine Teen ONLY appointment line: Call 520 AZSHINE (2974463)

What: a telephone line specifically created for teens and by teens to make scheduling appointments and getting information quick and easy

Who: Teens ages 14-20

When: Available Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm and Saturdays 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where: Anywhere

Why: Free, anonymous, and available whenever you are. The quickest way to schedule an appointment due to reduced hold times (less than 3 minutes). Schedule same-day appointments or appointments within 24 hours.

Get in touch:

Teen only appointment line: Call 520 AZSHINE (2974463)

Social media:

*Be sure to check our social media accounts for any last minute clinic changes or announcements

Printable Schedules:
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Additional Information

Visit https://elriorhap.carrd.co/