El Rio

Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP)



Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make a reproductive health decision that is right for you!


We’re a group of young people ages 14-24 here to increase access and awareness of sexual health education, resources, and services for young people. We want to change the way our generation understands and navigates sexuality and healthcare.

Our Services

● Birth control (Pills, IUD, arm implant, shot, rings, and patches)
● Condoms & lube
● Emergency contraception/Plan B & Ella
● STI testing & treatment
● PrEP & PEP
● Pregnancy testing
● Sexual & reproductive health counseling
● Menstrual products (Free tampons, pads, cups, & more)
● Cervical Cancer Screening
● Breast Exams
● Testicular Cancer Screening
● Gender-affirming care (Free binders, bras & prosthetic breasts)


All services offered by RHAP are 100% free/low-cost & confidential!

Under El Rio Community Health Center, we offer teen/young-adult only clinics at various locations in Tucson. Anyone ages 14-24* can receive free/low-cost, confidential sexual health services. No documentation, ID, or insurance is required to receive care. No one turned away for not being able to pay. It’s really that easy!

Clinic Calendars

Printable Calendars: February 2023

Check our clinic calendar(s) for a schedule of same-day clinics (written in red).
Text (520) 310-7832 starting two hours prior to the clinic start-time to reserve your appointment slot!

Making An Appointment

You will need to make an appointment for all in-person teen clinics that are written in green and telehealth teen clinics listed in blue. Here’s how you can make an appointment:

RHAP one pager for main website

Call 520-AZSHINE (520-297-4463)

This youth-only hotline can be used to answer questions or schedule in-person or telehealth visits! They can help you get a free ride to & from your appointments via Uber/Lyft (for ages 18+ or accompanied by someone who is 18+). Limited walk-ins are available. Call 520-AZ-SHINE before walking into the clinic.

For inquiries, please DM us on Instagram (@elriorhap)
Or e-mail us at: elriorhap@gmail.com
For more information about RHAP, visit: elriorhap.carrd.co

Stay Updated on Our Instagram!
● Weekly clinic reminders/updates
● Community resources
● DM us with any questions you have

*Our services are available for young people ages 21–24 ONLY at the Congress, El Pueblo, and Northwest locations