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Singleton Foundation


What is Financial Literacy?

The Singleton Foundation is dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship and making financial literacy fun, engaging and accessible to all. At The Singleton Foundation, our purpose is to promote that financial freedom is economic freedom and financial empowerment for everyone.

We believe economic freedom is attainable by all, and its attainment is rooted in financial competence. Our goal is to help give everyone the financial skills they need to better manage their lives and their businesses.

The Tucson Community Commitment Outreach

The Singleton Foundation team is joining forces with key community leaders and organizations to commit to the financial health of the Tucson community.

We’ve created a comprehensive, free initiative designed to help raise Tucsonans’ financial competence, encourage entrepreneurship, and gain the skills they need to plan their financial futures with confidence. These skills and new businesses create jobs and economic opportunities that are vital to the health of each individual, as well as the health of the entire community.

FREE Instructional Guides

Turnkey instructional guides are designed to help anyone become financially healthy, wherever they are in life, and cover topics such as:

  • Basics of banking and budgeting
  • Starting an emergency fund
  • Filing your taxes
  • Managing debt
  • Understanding loans, credit cards, and credit scores
  • Making future plans and money goals
  • Entrepreneurship and small business

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