APRN Residency

El Rio Health’s APRN Residency Program

El Rio Health’s Mission is to empower the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) with the skill set and support needed to become a competent clinician who is confident to deliver excellent quality care to improve the health of the El Rio Health community and to train the clinician leaders of tomorrow in the Community Health Center movement.

Our Vision is to create an APRN Residency Program in Southern Arizona that creates highly competent, knowledgeable, and skilled APRN’s to serve the medical needs of not only the population of Tucson, Arizona but to become the state model of APRN training that would provide and improve access to quality healthcare for Arizona’s most vulnerable population.

El Rio Health FNP Danielle Potter and FNP Renee Burrous presented on Academic Partnerships in Postgraduate Training at the National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Training Consortium 2nd Annual Conference.

Why Postgraduate Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Residency?

Our country faces an unprecedented demand for primary care providers who are trained to organize and deliver care that is timely, safe, effective, affordable and culturally competent.

Integrated primary care is our best strategy to ensure a healthcare home for all Americans, including special populations.  Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), are the healthcare home for more than 27 million people in the U.S., and their primary care providers must be specialists in primary care for vulnerable populations.

APRNs are critically important providers in FQHCs, but have had to assume their roles in primary care without the benefit of formal post-graduate residency training programs to support the transition from new nurse practitioner to expert provider.

It’s time for a change.  As we create our healthcare future, the time for residency training for Family Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse Midwives, using the nation’s best federally qualified health centers as the service institution base, is now!

El Rio Health’s drivers in creating Postgraduate APRN Residency training

  • FQHCs and their patients need expert primary care providers prepared to manage social and clinical complexity in the primary care setting.
  • Literature supports the perceived need and desire for post-graduate residency training for new APRNs.
  • The majority of APRNs choose primary care, but may be deterred from the FQHC setting by the gap between patient complexity and available support.
  • Post-graduate residency training provides new APRNs with the depth, breadth, and intensity of training that primes them for success as primary care providers in FQHCs.
  • To prepare the next generation of leaders in primary care with competency in primary care transformation and the science of quality improvement for improved quality of care and health outcomes.
  • The United States faces a critical maternity care shortage with 50% of counties lacking a maternity care provider. Certified Nurse Midwives are positioned to meet this shortfall, with a comprehensive and cost effective approach to women’s health care in community health centers.
  • To provide the new APRN at El Rio Health with the tools to help them feel competent to safely deliver high quality care to the patients that El Rio Health serves in the Tucson community.
  • To provide a safety net for the new APRN at El Rio Health to be able to learn, grow in skills and to be able to balance work and life demands. That the APRN with the training and skills obtained through the APRN Residency Program would remain at El Rio Health and in time would be able to mentor a new Nurse Practitioner.
  • Every patient at El Rio Health deserves to be seen by a highly competent, knowledgeable and skilled PCP.
  • Provide ongoing training for our current nurse practitioner staff to increase competency and improve retention.

Testimonial from an El Rio Health FNP

Application Process

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