Pharmacy Services

El Rio has pharmacies located at multiple El Rio sites making it easy to pick up your prescriptions at the same time you receive your medical and dental care. Our licensed pharmacists are here to answer your questions and help with any issues including how to pay for your medications.

One Stop for Pharmacy and Medical

El Rio pharmacies are located within many of our health center sites.  Three of our sites – Congress, Northwest and El Pueblo have evening pharmacy hours. We can also help with mailing your medications and or dropping them off to patients in need with the help of our transportation department.

In addition, El Rio has clinical pharmacists, who have completed doctoral fellowships to work one on one with patients who have complex medical conditions. Our clinical pharmacists see patients who have diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and other medical conditions.

Award Winning Diabetes management

El Rio’s clinical pharmacists are recognized with many awards with their unique approach to effective management of diabetes. This program has three distinct features:

The program has three distinctive features:

  1. Increased direct care for patients involving one on one visits for medical care and education;
  2. Management of all chronic diseases including diabetes as well as heart disease and high blood pressure;
  3. Help with self-management for patients to become proactive managers of their health.