El Rio Certified Nurse-Midwives provide high quality care for women through every stage of their life.

Since 1976, the El Rio nurse-midwives have lovingly cared for women and babies in Tucson. We specialize in pregnancy and birth care, but our services also include preventative gynecology, STD testing, birth control, family planning.

What is a Certified Nurse-Midwife?

A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is a specialist in normal pregnancy and childbirth, family planning and preventative women’s health care. Nurse-midwives are advanced practice nurses, certified by the American Midwifery Certification board with privileges to prescribe medications and admit women to the hospital.

Worldwide, developed nations with midwife led maternity care have the safest and healthiest maternal child outcomes. El Rio nurse midwives lead the maternity care team, which may include nurses, obstetricians, maternal fetal-medicine specialists, nutritionists, lactation consultants, pharmacists and more.

Our Philosophy of Care

The word midwife means “with woman.” Midwifery is an ancient profession, assisting and guiding women childbearing. Modern certified nurse midwives are highly skilled professionals who believe that pregnancy is a natural, normal event in the life of a family. Our model of care is holistic, focusing on wellness, education and prevention. We know every family we care for is unique and we take the time to listen, discuss choices and answer questions to understand each one. We take pride in creating positive, empowering experiences for women and their families.

 Midwifery Health Center Locations:

Congress Health Center

For more than 40 years, the Congress midwives have lovingly cared for women and babies in Tucson.  All of the CNMs are female providers and specialize in sensitive reproductive health care providing prenatal care, hospital birth, and gynecology care to women of all ages. Congress CNMs care for and support women through their labor and delivery at Tucson Medical Center.

Congress Health Center Midwives offer:

Well-Woman care, CenteringPregnancy, additional services include STD testing, birth control, family planning.

The CNMs and staff at our Congress Health Center would like to meet you. Call to make an appointment today at 520-670-3909520-670-3909

Birth and Women’s Health Center (BWHC)  & The Midwifery Center  

At the BWHC, the CNMs offer one-on-one, specialized care in natural childbirth, and support women in all the pain relief options available to them if desired. Women have the option of delivering at Tucson Medical Center or in our comfortable, homelike birthing rooms located within The Midwifery Center at TMC. The birth center offers an intimate and empowering environment for women and their families to make informed personal decisions regarding their health. We also offer a family practice with primary care for women, men and children.

BWHC offers: Well-Woman care, Waterbirth, Childbirth classes, CenteringPregnancy, CenteringParenting, BabyLove Group, Family Practitioner, additional services include STD testing, birth control and family planning.

The CNMs and staff at the Birth Center invite you to come tour and learn more. Call to make an appointment today at 520-795-9912520-795-9912

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*Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, CABC